About MW Research & Consulting (MWRC)

Since 2008, MW Research & Consulting has provided research, insights, and guidance for North American technology and business clients.

With a focus on Canada, we help executives understand the intricacies of the Canadian market. Not simply a subset of the American market, Canadians face unique regulatory requirements, preferred sales channels, and data management preferences. In addition to the national environment, each province has unique identities, then further segmented by region or urban centre.

i.e. Doing business in Toronto is very different from conducting business in Montreal, Moncton, Calgary, Vancouver, or Ottawa. Yet each offer growth opportunities for organizations.

Contact us to see how we can help you conduct successful business operations within Canada.

mwrc <at> mwresearch <dot> ca

About Michelle Warren (the MW of MWRC)

Michelle is passionate about helping you succeed.

Her expansive, 20+ years of business experience spans operations management, research analysis, marketing communications, and consulting (communications, customer experience, data management, sales channels, cloud computing, and digital transformation). Michelle’s industry experience includes technology, education, entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and professional services.

Valid data provides insights to help create powerful, actionable playbooks, to help move business decisions forward.

When policies and procedures are introduced, team members might face confusion and push back on decisions. This is human nature.

To help address these valid concerns, Michelle became certified in professional coaching and adult training. 

The combination of first hand business knowledge and experience, research and analytical skills, with adult learning and coaching skills, enables Michelle to design and implement lasting change policies within her client’s environments.

Enabling your success.

To connect with Michelle, mwrc <at> mwresearch <dot> ca