MWRC’s Promise

MWRC will provide you with valuable data points, insightful analysis, and actionable knowledge.

Which will enable you to make confident and timely decisions, to benefit your stakeholders.


MWRC’s Value Proposition

Based upon your needs, MWRC will research and deliver key data points, insightful analysis, and then work with you to create programs, training, and/or coaching services so your valuable decisions are are long-lasting and sticky.

Receive valuable benefits for your investment.

To help you drive your business forward.

And transform information into actionable insights.

MWRC’s Key Differentiator

Michelle’s unique background includes third-party IT industry research and analysis, combined with her coaching and training qualifications.

This combination enables her to deliver key data points, insightful analysis, and then the ability to work with you to create programs, training, and coaching services.

Not only do you gain the research and insights to help you move your business forward, but you also gain the ability to invoke lasting change and commitment to your new policies and procedures.

A key differentiator for your success.

Specialty Areas

MW Research & Consulting (MWRC) provides customized research, analysis, and guidance on the Canadian IT industry, specializing in Customer Experience (CX), Collaboration, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, Data Management, Innovation, and Channel Sales Strategies.

These data points and analysis helps executives and organisations understand, leverage, and effectively implement technology into their business practices, thereby improving employee productivity, business practices, and deliver effective customer service.

If you are looking for information on a different tech area, just ask. Michelle’s comprehensive industry experience enables her to pivot to different areas of expertise quickly.

Industry Specialties include

Education, health care, energy, community planning, technology (software, hardware, and services), professional services, food services, and manufacturing.

Within the industries, we have helped our clients develop leaders, teams, organize and manage data and information, and manage changing environments.


To connect with Michelle, mwrc <at> mwresearch <dot> ca